• Cufflinks Targaryen game of thrones
  • Cufflinks Targaryen game of thrones

Cufflinks Game of Thrones : Targaryen

$69.00 $29.00

Plated base metal
Bullet Back Closure



Spoiler alert: every single Game of Thrones fan knows that Targaryen got a bad rap. Sure, the house members may have been a bit rough around the edges, but that’s what made them so interesting—gave them personality!
Memorialize those awesome personalities by purchasing these outstanding cufflinks. Crafted from high-quality and durable metal and finished in impressive black and silver colors, these links are sure to impress for many years to come. Their core design is of course Targaryen’s Sigil, so there’s no doubt that GOT experts will know exactly where you stand when wearing them.
Fire and Blood. Fire and Blood forever.


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